Group Structure
Specimen Palms (Pty) Ltd is a member of The Evergreen Group (, which operates from Evergreen Place, situated 30km north-west of Johannesburg, being in Muldersdrift, Mogale City, South Africa.

The group comprises a number of autonomous companies, each with a specific focus and goal.

Plantworld (Pty) Ltd Specimen Palms (Pty) Ltd The Friendly Plant (Pty) Ltd Plant a Palm (Pty) Ltd

Plantworld (Pty) Ltd
Plantworld (Pty) Ltd operates from two adjacent farms (each measuring approximately 90,000m2), situated in Muldersdrift, Mogale City, South Africa.

Plantworld (Pty) Ltd is a grower and seller of a large range of indigenous and exotic plants within South Africa, as well as internationally. Plants stock includes aloes, conifers, cycas, ground covers, palms, perennials, shrubs, succulents, tree ferns, trees.


Plantworld (Pty) Ltd is not open to the public, but focuses its selling efforts entirely on the retail nurseries, landscapers, property developers, golf courses, municipalities, plant brokers and other large-scale buyers in South Africa, and also supplies the international market with plants and trees.

In addition to the above, Plantworld (Pty) Ltd has the sole rights for selling the Evergreen Group’s specimen palms within the borders of South Africa.

Specimen Palms (Pty) Ltd
Specimen Palms (Pty) Ltd is a marketing and export company, operating from Evergreen Place in Mogale City, South Africa.

Specimen Palms (Pty) Ltd has the sole rights for selling the Evergreen Group’s specimen palms outside the borders of South Africa.

Due to the enormity of its task, the company is totally focused on the international market.

In order to achieve its objectives, it constantly evaluates the possibilities for entering into meaningful and mutually beneficial arrangements with companies based within its various geographic target markets, thus creating a network of ‘local partners’ in order to better serve its customers.


The Friendly Plant (Pty) Ltd
The Friendly Plant (Pty) Ltd operates from Evergreen Place in Mogale City, South Africa and provides computerized garden and landscaping design services, including the complete function of earthworks, physical landscaping, plant supply, planting and automated irrigation systems.

The company operates throughout South Africa, covering from the smallest townhouse garden to large 600acre estate developments.

Plant a Palm (Pty) Ltd

Through the group’s direct involvement over many years in growing and selling plants, and more specifically as one of the world’s leading growers and suppliers of specimen palms, the Evergreen Group recognises the fact that palm trees are associated worldwide with a tropical, peaceful and relaxed environment. Thus, the requirement of so many home owners to have a number of palms in close proximity to their pool.

Palm trees are also used the world over as the finishing touch to office-parks.Sometimes as few as two specimen palm trees can provide a stately, upmarket look and feel to business premises.

This worldwide perspective translates into the fact that ‘everyone wants a palm’.

However, while most people prefer an ‘instant palm’, they simply do not have the necessary time or expertise to undertake the time-consuming exercise of locating a suitable palm, based on hardiness, planting area available, location (geographic and exposure to the elements) and site access, followed by the requirements of specialised transport, lifting equipment and correct planting procedures for the palm.

As a result of the many requests received over the years, Plant a Palm (Pty) Ltd was born as a standalone member of the Evergreen Group, in order to offer home owners and businesses a ‘turnkey’ solution to owning a palm.
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