Mission Statement
As a dynamic business unit of the Evergreen Group, our business objectives are constantly reviewed and revised, in order to pro-actively keep ahead of the world-wide developments in the ‘green’ industry.

These objectives include the following:

  • to recognize and reward the ongoing contributions made by our staff, in order to ensure the continued growth of our company
  • to recognize that our customers are the most important people in our business
  • to recognize that the strength of our company in the marketplace will only be as strong as the quality of the product that we sell
  • to grow our exposure as a universal player in the ‘specimen palm’ industry
  • to establish and maintain an international reputation as a professional, reliable and honest supplier of quality specimen palms
  • to achieve and then maintain the highest level of service to our customers
  • to negotiate and implement marketing strategies that will aim to maximize the financial rewards available for our product range
  • to enter into long-term partnerships with like-minded organizations throughout the world, in order to better serve the needs of our customers
  • to ensure that our specimen palms become the ‘palms of choice’ for all major property developments
  • to continuously expand our range of specimen palms, in order to stay on track with the demands of our market
  • to ensure that the implementation of all future planning strategies takes cognizance of the requirements of the marketplace, while following the outcome of meaningful consultation with our customer base, in order to ensure that we will be able to deliver not only their short-term requirements, but also their medium and long-term requirements
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