Butia capitata / Butia bonnetii / Cocos capitata

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Botanical Name:
Butia capitata / Butia bonnetii / Cocos capitata
Common Name:
Jelly palm, Pindo palm, Wine palm, Yatah palm
Available sizes:
2m to 4m
Min temperature:
-13°C / 8,5°F
Additional Information:

Origin - Central and Southern Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Northern Argentina

One of the few hardy feather palms, it is a popular and attractive palm for a wide range of climates. The common name 'jelly palm' comes from the fact that it bears edible fruit, which is used to make jam or 'jelly'.

It grows in cool-temperate to tropical climates, is drought-tolerant and has moderate to high light needs.

Suitable for indoor use?

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