Cocos nucifera

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Botanical Name:
Cocos nucifera
Common Name:

Coconut palm

Available sizes:
6m to 9m
Min temperature:
0,9°C / 30°F
Additional Information:

Origin - Undetermined, but believed to be the Western Pacific region

'Nucifera' means 'nut-bearing' and 'cocos' has its origins in the Portuguese word for monkey - the three pores or 'eyes' of the coconut are said to resemble the face of a monkey.

It is one of the most useful plants in the world, with hundreds of uses, including its fruit being the staple diet of many people in the tropics.

It is a symbol of all things tropical and photographs of them are used to promote everything from holidays to cosmetics to sports cars.

Widely cultivated throughout the tropical regions of the world, with colonies widespread along most tropical coastlines.

A tall, solitary palm that is well-suited to exposed sandy coastal areas in subtropical and tropical locations.

Once established, it is drought-tolerant.

Prefers sunny locations.

Suitable for indoor use?
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